The Love Boat - Second Chances


All aboard The Love Boat


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Make sure every passenger on a cruise has the time of their life in The Love Boat - Second Chances, a fun casual game is based on the popular 80's TV series 'The Love Boat'.

The Love Boat - Second Chances's gameplay is almost identical to other GameHouse Titles, like Amber's Airline, Heart's Medicine Hospital Heat, or Delicious - Emily's Miracle of Life, among others. Basically you have to tap the right items at the right time to beat the level.

There's dozens of mini games to play in the more then seventy levels in The Love Boat - Second Chances. Not only that, you'll slowly discover the game's four different storylines -that star some of the TV series's most famous characters- as you play mini games and beat levels.

The Love Boat - Second Chances is a casual game that -just like the rest of the GameHouse games- offers a game experience that's equal parts addictive and entertaining, as well as some pretty great graphics.

Android 5.1 or higher required

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